ZF-001-60120-72W Sidelit led panel

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The Structure of ZF-001-60120-72W Sidelit led panel
The ZF-001-60120-72W Sidelit LED panel consists of various components that work together to provide efficient and uniform lighting. Here is an overview of its structure:
    Frame: The LED panel features a sturdy frame that provides structural support and holds all the internal components in place. The frame is typically made of lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or steel.
    Light Guide Plate (LGP): The LGP is a key component of the LED panel. It is a flat and transparent acrylic or polycarbonate sheet positioned beneath the panel's surface. The LGP distributes and diffuses the light emitted by the LEDs, ensuring even illumination across the panel.
    Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs): The LEDs are the primary light source of the panel. They are mounted on the edges of the panel frame and face inward towards the LGP. The LEDs used in the ZF-001-60120-72W Sidelit LED panel are energy-efficient and long-lasting.
    Reflective Sheet: A reflective sheet is placed behind the LGP to maximize light output and improve efficiency. It reflects the light that passes through the LGP back towards the front surface of the panel, enhancing the overall brightness and uniformity of the lighting.
    Diffusion Film: A diffusion film is often applied on top of the LGP to further scatter and diffuse the light, reducing any hotspots or uneven brightness. It helps achieve a more uniform and visually pleasing illumination.
    Backplate: The backplate is a solid backing that covers the backside of the LED panel. It protects the internal components and helps to dissipate heat generated by the LEDs.
    Power Supply and Control: The LED panel requires a power supply to operate. It is connected to an external driver or power source that supplies the necessary electrical current to the LEDs. Some panels may also have integrated control options for adjusting brightness, color temperature, or other settings.
    Connectors and Wiring: The LED panel is equipped with connectors and wiring to facilitate the electrical connection between the power supply and the LEDs. These connectors ensure a secure and reliable electrical connection.