ZF-001-30120-40W Sidelit led panel

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The working principle of ZF-001-30120-40W Sidelit led panel
The ZF-001-30120-40W Sidelit LED panel operates based on the principle of edge-lit lighting technology. Here is a breakdown of its working principle:
    Light Source: The LED panel consists of a series of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) mounted on the edges of the panel frame. These LEDs serve as the primary light source for the panel.
    Light Guide Plate: The panel incorporates a light guide plate (LGP) made of transparent acrylic or polycarbonate material. The LGP is positioned beneath the LED light source.
    Light Distribution: When the LEDs are turned on, they emit light towards the edges of the panel. The light then enters the LGP, which is designed with a series of microstructures or prisms on its surface.
    Total Internal Reflection: The microstructures on the LGP cause the light to undergo total internal reflection. This means that the light is continuously reflected within the LGP, preventing it from escaping through the sides.
    Light Diffusion: As the light travels through the LGP, it encounters diffusion particles or films embedded within the plate. These particles scatter the light, ensuring uniform distribution and minimizing hotspots or uneven brightness across the panel surface.
    Light Extraction: Along the front surface of the LGP, there may be additional microstructures or optical films that help extract the light evenly across the entire panel surface. These structures or films enhance the light output efficiency of the panel.
    Illumination: The light that is diffused and extracted by the LGP finally illuminates the front surface of the LED panel. The panel emits a uniform and evenly distributed light, providing effective illumination for the surrounding space.
    Power and Control: The ZF-001-30120-40W Sidelit LED panel requires a power source to operate. It is typically connected to an electrical circuit or driver that supplies the necessary power to the LEDs. Some LED panels may also have additional control options, such as dimming capabilities or color temperature adjustment, which are controlled by external devices or integrated controls.